Baijia BJ-212 Note Imaging Detector - Premier Cash Registers

Baijia BJ-212 Note Imaging Detector

  • £105.00


The Baijia BJ-212 is a forged note imaging detector. Simply feed in the note and the unit will instantly carry out a range of security checks on the note automatically before ejecting it from the front or rear. An audible alert will warn you of a suspicious note.

You can feed the note in any direction, face up or face down - it will check it fully regardless. It carries out a range of instant security checks on each banknote including Infrared, Magnetic Thread, Magnetic Ink, 2D Size, Colour and Imaging checks.

Compared to manual detectors like chemical pens or UV lamps, automatic note detectors like the BJ-212 carry out a wider range of checks on banknotes, they require minimal staff training and they are more reliable in operation as they do not rely on staff to make manual checks - the machine will carry out all the checks for you instantly. They also have the added advantage of displaying the note value and cumulative total.

The Baijia BJ-212 forged note detector has the following features:

  • Powered by Mains or Rechargeable Battery (included)
  • GBP & Euro banknotes.
  • 4 levels of counterfeit protection
  • European Central Bank Approved

Dimensions: 125mm (W) x 88mm (D) x 60mm (H)

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