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Casio V-R CCTV Security Module

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If you are concerned about the threat of staff theft or misuse of your EPOS equipment, then the addition of CCTV monitoring can be an excellent way to tighten your security.  The CCTV security module for the Casio V-R200, V-R7000 and V-R7100 allows you to view operations from the EPOS system as text over an RS-232 or LAN connection to a CCTV and DVR system which overlays this text output onto live video footage and saves it for later playback.  The manager can then perform a search for specific EPOS events and watch the footage to double check which operator performed the transaction. 

Here are just some of the scenarios where a CCTV system linked to a Casio V-R may help to identify misuse:
  • Pulling 2 pints but charging for only 1
  • Applying discounts or registering ‘on the house’ transactions
  • Unauthorised refunds
  • Operators logging on using an ID other than their own
  • Operators changing settings
  • Monitoring transactions where change is given


This module is compatible with all versions of Casio ERA cash register application for the V-R200, V-R7000 and V-R7100.

If you already have CCTV, this module should work with any target system that can accept text over an RS-232 serial link or over a TCP/IP network.

Alternatively, we can offer a solution from SEICCTV which includes many features such as being able to remotely monitor or playback the EPOS overlay and video on a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS as well as on a PC or via direct interaction with the DVR box.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.

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