ChefTab® Kitchen Display

  • £499.00

CheftabAs an alternative or an addition to a kitchen printer, you can have a tablet with the ChefTab® App as a kitchen display. The head chef can see at a glance the 8 most recent orders and you can scroll through and view all of the open orders. Additional information such as the serving time for each order is also displayed.

You can simply just purchase the App and use it with your own tablet with Android™ (running operating system version 4.4 or above) or we can supply a robust reconditioned Casio V-T500 tablet with the App installed and configured.

When multiple Casio touch screens are linked in a system, items can be sent to a single shared kitchen display linked to the network or one of the terminals. Alternatively, multiple kitchen printers and displays can be used in a system with just one terminal. 

Please note:
App licences are sold as tokens. A software token is a single-use only code provided to fully licence the ChefTab® App which has been downloaded onto a compatible device running Android operating system version 4.4 or above. Licence tokens are not refundable under any circumstances. You can download a 100% functional demonstration version of the ChefTab® App by clicking the button below.  This can be used to validate the functionality with your system hardware and software prior to purchasing a licence token. By purchasing a licence token you are acknowledging such functionality.

A hard-wired network link is required if running the kitchen display on the Casio QT-range while a wi-fi link can be used with the Casio V-R range.

While reconditioned stock has been fully serviced there may be some visible surface scratches and marks. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Casio V-T500 Tablet Dimensions:

270mm (W) x 15mm (D) x 190mm (H)


Casio QT-6100, Casio QT-6600, Casio V-R100, Casio V-R200, Casio V-R7000, Casio V-R7100

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