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Premier Cash Registers Ltd
Ray Bishop Premier Cash Registers Ltd

You may be wondering why we use a bishop’s mitre as a logo on various pages of our site. Well it relates to the surname of our founder, Ray Bishop.  Ray was originally employed as a salesman for National Cash Registers in the 1970's.  During the eighties he was a partner of a successful cash register firm in South London. In 1990 he broke away from the partnership, setting up on his own in Redhill, Surrey with Premier Retail Systems Rental Ltd. At the time, this company rented not only cash registers but also other shop equipment, such as fax machines, weighing scales and even shop fittings. Realising that he also needed a company to cater for the sales and servicing side of the business, Ray formed Premier Cash Registers Ltd in 1990.

The companies grew through the 1990’s and more staff were employed to maintain the ethos of both companies – to provide an excellent personal service. There was a conscious effort, which has been carried forward throughout the years, to ensure that any equipment supplied was modified and programmed for each customers’ individual needs and requirements. For this reason, until February 2020 all of our prices for cash registers and EPOS systems included programming to the customers’ specification. Unless requested, we did not simply deliver them in a box as originally received from the manufacturer, leaving the customer to carry out the setting up process.

Due to changes in the market, such as competitive internet pricing and the willingness of some customers to set up their own equipment, we have now modified our prices to allow us to supply some equipment simply as received from the manufacturer.  We have over 30 years experience in our field and still do not expect business owners to waste their valuable time trying to set-up their EPOS equipment from scratch, risking the possibility that they may be unsatisfied with the equipment simply through their lack of knowledge.  We therefore also provide prices which include programming by us.

It has also been the companies’ policy that Casio Preferred Partnercustomer service should not simply cease when equipment is installed or delivered. High quality customer support is essential to ensure customers continue to be satisfied with their products. This is also one of the reasons that we were recognised as one of Casio’s ‘Preferred Partners’.  Casio withdrew their cash registers and EPOS terminals from the UK market in 2020 but parts are still available and we will continue to support the products.

We now offer the exciting Sam4s Titan EPOS system for which we undertook extensive training during the first COVID-19 lockdown back in March 2020.  We have found this to be a robust and powerful system with many optional add-on features.

If you are looking for a system, we are prepared to visit customers at their own premises for demonstrations and to discuss their requirements. Alternatively, we have a showroom at our offices in Redhill, Surrey. You will find we have an open, friendly approach and have often been thought of as a family firm.

We also have our own service engineers who carry out repairs both on-site and back at our own workshop. Although we have specialised in Casio and Sam4s equipment, we do service, repair and supply accessories for other makes.

Ray retired in 2008 but regularly keeps in touch. He has been enjoying travelling with his wife and spending time with his grandchildren. The foundations from which he built the Premier companies and the values that he held dear have been maintained and expanded upon. It is a testament to the hard work of our team that we have received such high praise from customers, both past and present, and that much of our business today is still received from recommendations. We hope you have, like many before, a positive experience when dealing with us.