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Premier Cash Registers and Dojo have partnered to bring you integrated payments on the Sam4s Titan & Forza EPOS terminals with Samtouch.  Your Dojo card machines can be connected to your EPOS system so that you do not have to key in payment amounts twice. This facilitates faster, easier and more accurate payments eliminating mistakes from miskeying in amounts.  You can have one or multiple card machines linked to one or multiple EPOS terminals.  Our system has a very flexible setup that can be suited to your requirements.  You can simply have the Dojo card machines as stand alone terminals.

Dojo card machines are very easy to use and will therefore not require a significant amount of time to be spent on training staff.  There are 2 types of terminal, designed for slightly different uses:


Dojo One Card Terminal A80

Pay at Counter is great for businesses like retail shops, cafes and pubs - anywhere that takes payments at the till.  The amount is automatically pushed from the Samtouch EPOS system to the card machine so you can serve more customers faster. 

The Dojo One card machine, connected by bulletproof ethernet, is built to process payments 80% faster than the industry average. It is robust and reliable and comes with a tactile pin pad and a 4" HD touchscreen.


Dojo Go Card Terminal A920

Ideal for bustling restaurants, Pay at Table allows printing of the bill, splitting payment, adding gratuities and finalising the bill, all quickly and easily on the card machine.  Therefore staff no longer have to keep returning to the till for these functions.

The Dojo Go card machine is very light and designed for portable and mobile use.  It features a 5" HD touchscreen, 10 hour battery life and a fast thermal printer.  It seamlessly connects by Wi-Fi or 3G/4G as standard so that if your Wi-Fi drops out, mobile data will mean you can continue to take payments.

There are a number of advantages in choosing Dojo to be your merchant payment provider:

    Dojo identifies any fraudulent transactions at the point of sale.  It takes less than 30 milliseconds to flag and, once the card in question has been marked, it is then blocked across the entire Dojo network.

    One of the most important considerations when handling card payments is keeping your customers' data secure and thus at the same time protecting your income.  All Dojo terminals come with point-to-point encryption as standard.  The PCI Security Council states that this 'guarantees the strongest encryption protection for your business'.  You can carry on with your business with the assurance of knowing your customers' card data is always protected.

    Become PCI compliant in just a few steps with Dojo.  Everything is done through the Dojo App in just a few taps, alleviating paperwork and the risk of non-compliance fees. 

    70% of businesses in the UK face waits of up to 5 days to receive their funds.  At no additional cost, Dojo gives you access to your funds from 10am the very next day, 365 days a year, even on weekends and bank holidays.

    All of your card transactions can be easily tracked, online and offline, with the Dojo App.  For more details watch the video below: 

    90% of businesses are locked into a bad deal with their payment provider, often for well over a year.  Dojo offers contract terms from as little as 1 month.  Also, at various times, they have offered free trials for periods of up to 3 months.

    Depending on circimstances, Dojo may pay up to £3000 towards your termination fees if you're switching from another provider.

    Dojo have a UK based support team, available 24/7.  They fix most issues remotely but if they are unable, they offer to send a replacement machine the next working day.

    Dojo also offer other optional features such as Quickbooks integration, virtual queing, remote payments and pre-authorised payments.

If you would like Dojo to contact you to discuss their rates, simply complete the form below.  If you use our form and have one of our Samtouch systems installed, we will carry out the Dojo card machine integration free of charge, saving you £25 + VAT.

Although our preferred merchant providers are Dojo and Paymentsense, the Sam4s Titan & Forza EPOS terminals with Samtouch can be linked to a range of PDQ/PED card machines, from various merchant service providers, to facilitate faster, easier and more accurate payments.  If you would like your current card machines tethered to the system, please let us know who your current provider is along with the make and models of your card machines and we will let you know if they are compatible.  

Our installation charge for linking card machines is £25 + VAT per site.  This does not include the supply of a PDQ/PED card machine.

We also supply a selection of antimicrobial keyboard and screen covers for the Dojo card machines - here and many other models - here