eZeePos Office

eZeePos Office is the clouded back office solution for iMin EPOS terminals running eZeePos software and the core module is included in the monthly charge for the EPOS software.  There are also additional add-on modules as detailed below. eZeePos Office is hosted on one of the world's most secure infrastructures, Microsoft Azure.


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Included with monthly charge for eZeePos software

The core module enables users to program the EPOS system, retrieve sales data and print sales reports using any device linked to the internet.  

Reports are available in realtime or for different time periods (eg. the last month, year to date or a specified date range).  They can be exported in a number of formats such as CSV, PDF and Excel files.  You can also schedule reports to be automatically produced and sent to multiple email addresses.

Please take a look at the video below which demonstrates how to add new products and change prices on eZeePos Office.



£5 + vat per month per site
£25 + vat one-off setup charge per site

The stock control module allows you to input deliveries, display current stock levels, create orders, record wastage, process full or partial stock-takes highlighting variances, estimate the value of your stock and produce profit reports.

The recipe feature allows restaurants to analyse individual meals based on ingredient costings and will indicate a sales price based on your margin.  Automatic dashboard alerts will make you aware of low stock levels ensuring that you never run out of key ingredients. 

Supplier order reports can be run instantly and provide recommended order levels based on current stock and product trends.

Stock can be monitored for different locations (or branches) including locations without EPOS terminals eg. a warehouse.  You can also move stock between different locations.



£4 + vat per month per site
£95 + vat one-off setup charge per site

Xero accounting is one of the most popular small business accounting solutions, which is recognised by HMRC and major accountancy companies throughout the UK. eZeePos’ simple integration stops the need for double entry of your sales to Xero Accounting. Category sales are posted to your Xero nominals along with receipts to allow you to reconcile to your bank. As sales information is sent from your eZeePos Office account digitally, it reduces administration and minimises human error.



Support and training is included in the monthly charge for the eZeePos software.