Samtouch Feature: Price Levels

Samtouch allows for up to 6 different price levels per product. These can be used in many different scenarios.  For example, for a bar you could have price levels for Normal Prices, Happy Hour, Function Room, Members/Visitors, Special Promotional Nights and Nights With Entertainment. 

In a similar way, a business catering unit may have Staff and Visitor price levels or even separate price levels, due to subsidies, for different businesses sharing the same building.

Another example could be if a restaurant charges a different rate for food eaten-in as opposed to taken away.

In addition, price levels can be scheduled to operate on different days and/or different times of the day to work in conjunction with a promotion.

Multiple Sizes

Dealing with multiple sizes as part of your inventory process can be difficult. Samtouch deals with this most effectively by offering multiple sizes and prices per product.

For example, wine can typically be sold by the bottlle and in 175ml & 250ml galsses so Samtouch allows you to factor in the relevant quantity to deduct stock accordingly.  Please see the screenshot below:

Samtouch Feature Example: Price Levels - Wine with Sizes