Samtouch Feature: Stock Countdown

An extremely useful feature on Samtouch is the Stock Countdown on Display.  This allows users to input the current stock of a product and for it to be displayed on the operators screen when processing a transaction.  This is especially useful, for example, in a restaurant when there are limited quantites of a dish remaining for the day, often if it is a special. It ensures that the operator can inform the customer at the time of ordering, saving the embarrassment of returning to the table 5 minutes later to relay the bad news and then having to take an alternative order. 

Samtouch can also be set to display a low-level warning for the operator when a stated stock level is reached.  The operator will also be unable to sell any of the particular dish when the stock is at zero.

In addition, if a product using this feature is voided from the transaction, it will be returned to stock unless the order has already been sent to the kitchen.  The reason for this is that the product may have to be wasted if preparation has already begun or the customer has complained after receiving the dish and it is simply to be removed from the bill.

In a system with multiple terminals, the displayed stock information is communicated between all terminals.

Please watch the demonstration video below showing how to set up and use the feature: