HPRT N101 Scanner

  • £79.00

The HPRT N101 hand-held scanner is easy to use and will scan 1D and 2D barcodes as well as QR codes.  It can be used with a serial or USB connection.  It also comes with a hands-free stand. 

If you are already ordering a system from us, we will program the scanner accordingly. If you require the scanner pre-programmed for an existing system, please choose a model and connection from the list above and we will program it before despatch.


Sam4s Titan S360, Sam4s Titan S560, Sam4s Forza range, Sam4s Sapphire, iMin range, Casio V-R100, Casio V-R200, Casio V-R7000, Casio V-R7100


If you would like to download a printable pdf brochure, please click here.