Samtouch Feature: Operator Sign-On

On the Samtouch EPOS software, operators (clerks) can sign-on in a number of ways.  They can use their own on-screen button or numeric pin code of up to 6 digits.  Alternatively, as optional hardware additons - by dallas key, magnetic card stripe (MSR) reader or a fingerprint reader.

Dallas Clerk Key LockDallas Clerk KeyMSR Reader

Operators can interrupt each other during a sale. This is particularly useful in a busy bar environment.  If a Samtouch system has multiple terminals, you can use the floating operator function which enables operators to begin a sale on one terminal and continue or complete it on a different one.

Please see our video below for a demonstration of these features:

Operator Reports & Alerts 

There are many various operator management reports that you can take from Samtouch.  These include, amongst others, product sales by employee/clerk/operator filtered to a certain group.  For example, all individual cocktail sales by Jim for a specified date or date range.

If you also have Samtouch Office, the clouded back-office solution, you can set-up alerts to be displayed for when an operator/clerk uses a certain function.  For example, everytime Jim voids an item on an EPOS terminal, a notification could appear on Samtouch Office.  This will then show the Jim's name, his location, the terminal he is using, the function type ie. void, the reason for the void (if set up), the item and the amount voided.

Samtouch Office Function Alert example notification

These alerts can be applied for all operators/clerks or just specified ones.  A report can also be taken from the dashboard listing the activity for a period.  Please see below a short silent video below showing examples of 2 alerts being displayed and the report that appears on the dashboard: