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Samtouch Office is the clouded back office solution which compliments Sam4s EPOS terminals running Samtouch software.  It is hosted on one of the world's most secure infrastructures, Microsoft Azure.  The core module enables users to program the EPOS system, retrieve sales data and print various sales reports using any device linked to the internet.  There are also additional add-on modules as detailed below.

Using Samtouch Office does not restrict you to only being able to program the product and price changes on the cloud.  You can also make changes on the EPOS terminals themselves and they will be automatically polled back to Samtouch Office.  Alternatively, new products, prices and promotions can be sent from Samtouch Office to the EPOS terminals immediately or at a scheduled time. 

Although Samtouch Office requires a permanent link using your broadband for the polling of data to and from the cloud, should there be an interruption in your broadband service, this will not affect the use of the terminals. All the data will be saved and then automatically polled to the cloud once the broadband has been restored.

There is no fixed term contract so subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by simply contacting us.

All prices quoted below are subject to VAT at the current rate.


£19.95  per month for 1st EPOS terminal
£5  per month for each additional EPOS terminal
£10  one-off setup charge per site

This is the starter module which enables product maintenance and sales reporting.  In addition to cashing-up reports from the EPOS terminals, it provides sales reports for products, promotions, departments and groups.  This module also offers the facility to program these fields along with your keyboard layouts.  The comprehensive information held on the system for each product is represented on one easy-to-read screen.  Operator reports and notifications are also available and can highlight areas of concern eg. levels of voids and refunds.

Reports are available for different time periods (eg. the last month, year to date or a specified date range) and will include transactions within 5 minutes of them being completed.  They can be exported in a number of formats such as CSV, PDF and Excel files.  You can also schedule reports to be automatically produced and sent to multiple email addresses.

Groups of terminals can be set-up as locations or branches.  Product changes and reports can then be applied to all locations or just selected ones.



£5  per month per site
£45  one-off setup charge per site

The stock control module allows you to input deliveries, display current stock levels (to within 5 minutes of any transactions on the EPOS terminals), create orders, record wastage, process full or partial stock-takes highlighting variances, estimate the value of your stock and produce profit reports.

The recipe feature allows restaurants to analyse individual meals based on ingredient costings and will indicate a sales price based on your margin.  Automatic dashboard alerts will make you aware of low stock levels ensuring that you never run out of key ingredients. 

Supplier order reports can be run instantly and provide recommended order levels based on current stock and product trends.

Stock can be monitored for different locations (or branches) including locations without EPOS terminals eg. a warehouse.  You can also move stock between different locations.


SAMCOUNT APP  (for stock-taking)

£7.50  per month per licence

Samcount for Samtouch App on Unitech EA500PLUS mobile computer

To compliment the Stock Control Module, why not make stock-takes quicker and easier with the Samcount App.

We recommend the rugged Unitech EA-500PLUS 5" hand-held device which, with the Samcount App, will enable you to scan stock lines and enter their stock quantities.  Alternatively, you can download a the Samcount App to an Android™ phone and use the camera to scan the barcodes.  This will then, by way of the Stock Count Module, poll to Samtouch Office and populate your reports.  This also allows you to scan items to check their prices and you can change the price on the device which will update Samtouch Office and then in turn update the terminals.



£2  per month per site

This module facilitates waste entry management for consumable items, for example in a bakery where items must be sold by the end of the day. This should not to be confused with 'right-offs' for beer wastage, etc as this is dealt with in the stock control module above.

You can enter the quantities of consumable items wasted at the end of each day allowing you to track items through reports, highlighting those for which too many are being produced either every day or on particular days.



£2.50  per month per site

This module enables you to run basic time and attendance reports tracking the working hours of staff based on them clocking-in and clocking-out on the EPOS terminals.



£3  per month per site
£50  one-off setup charge per site

Samtouch Gift Voucher example

Issue gift vouchers at the EPOS terminals for your customers.  They will have your logo printed at the top.  You can specify a limited period that a voucher is valid for.  Simply scan the voucher barcode or enter the voucher code at the EPOS terminal to redeem.  The voucher cannot then be used again but you can issue the change in the form of a new voucher if required. The vouchers issued and redeemed are all tracked on Samtouch Office enabling you to see how much is outstanding in gift vouchers.

You can also use this feature to give a credit note if required rather than a refund.  There is the option to enter up to 5 lines of text on the EPOS terminal to describe why the credit note was issued.  This is then logged for future reference in Samtouch Office.



£5  per month per site

You can set up accounts for customers for a variety of uses.

  • Loyalty Discounts - allow certain customers to receive an automatic discount eg. 10% or a lower level band of prices.
  • Loyalty Points - give points for purchases eg. 1 point for every £1 spent.  Then offer a pre-determined amount of money off per point. Flag certain products to give additional points if purchased as promotional offers.
  • Credit - allow customers to have a credit account with a specified limit.
  • Prepaid - customers add money to their account in advance and perhaps get a loyalty discount or lower prices as a reward.

These accounts can be accessed by a card or account number at the EPOS terminal.  You can also search for a customer by: Forename, Surname, Address, Town or Postcode. New customers can be added on the EPOS terminals (by simply swiping a new card) or in Samtouch Office.  There is a postcode lookup which will complete the address fields for you, reducing the possibility of data entry errors.  You can link various cards to 1 main account eg. for a family.

The accounts database on Samtouch Office will then hold details of every transaction for each customer along with the account balances and points totals.  You can produce various reports including excel email address lists for marketing purposes.

For takeaways with Samtouch Caller ID, the customer's details are pulled up automatically on the EPOS terminals.



£4  per month per site
£95  one-off setup charge per site

Xero accounting is one of the most popular small business accounting solutions, which is recognised by HMRC and major accountancy companies throughout the UK. Samtouch’s simple integration stops the need for double entry of your sales to Xero Accounting. Category sales are posted to your Xero nominals along with receipts to allow you to reconcile to your bank. As sales information is sent from your Samtouch Office account digitally, it reduces administration and minimises human error.



£9  per month per site
£175  one-off setup charge per site

Order Me Logo

OrderMe is a mobile app designed for restaurants and fast food establishments which integrates with the Samtouch EPOS system and Samtouch Office.  It allows customers to place food orders while seated in a restaurant or beer garden (Order @ Table) or alternatively from the comfort of their own home for delivery. They can also place a takeaway order for collection, for example on their way home from work.  The app is free for your customers to download for iOS and Android devices. 

Find our more about OrderMe Mobile Ordering here.



Customers purchasing a Sam4s Titan or Sam4s Forza EPOS system with Samouch from us will receive 30 days telephone support.  After this period, a telephone support contract can be purchased.


Signing Up Process & Payment

You can pay the initial payment by adding it to your cart from the product page here or phoning us on 01737 773571 with a debit/credit card.  We will then require an email address for the main account user (you can have more than one user and these are free of charge) and we will send a link for signing up to that email address.  We will also require you to complete a direct debit authorisation* to continue the subscription monthly. This can be done by clicking here.

Your Sam4s EPOS terminals with Samtouch software should be connected to broadband in order for us to set-up the Samtouch Office link.  They should then remain connected for the polling of data to and from the cloud.

If you would like to download a printable pdf brochure, please click here.


Android is a trademark of Google LLC

*If you complete a direct debit authorisation form, you agree to allow your data to be passed to GoCardless who operate the direct debit facility on our behalf. Your data, which includes contact name, address, email address, bank account number and sort-code, may be transferred, processed and stored outside of the EEA and may be subject to disclosure as required by applicable law. GoCardless will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely.  You can review their privacy policy here.