Casio Cash Drawer Keys (Set of 2) - Premier Cash Registers

Casio Cash Drawer Keys (Set of 2) D-3 / D-4

  • £7.50

    This is a set of 2 D-3/D-4 cash drawer keys for the latest Casio range.  Please note that they are only used to lock/unlock the cash drawer if required.  They will not open the cash drawer as it is triggered by the cash register or touch screen.


      Casio DL-2795 Cash Drawer, Casio DL-2810 Cash Drawer, Casio DL-2815 Cash Drawer, Casio SE-G1, Casio SE-S10, Casio SE-S100, Casio SE-S300, Casio SE-S400, Casio SE-S2000, Casio SE-S3000, Casio SE-C450, Casio SE-C2000, Casio SE-C3500, Casio SR-S500, Casio SR-S4000, Casio SR-C550, Casio SR-C4500, Casio TE-2200, Casio TE2400

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