Casio CE-2300 / 240CR Cash Register Keys

  • £9.50

The Casio 240CR and Casio CE-2300 cash registers were both released with 2 different types of mode lock hence 2 different types of keys.  Unfortunately there is no way of telling which version of the cash register you have.  Please ensure you order the correct keys.

You can purchase just the main owners (OW) key which will enable you to go to every position on the key lock.  You may also require an operators (OP) key so that you can leave a key in the cash register for the staff which enables them to go to the OFF and REG positions but nowhere else (for example Z). 

The OW keys will either have A-A08 (A series) or B1-07 (B series) engraved on them while the OP keys will either have A-A02 (A series) or B1-15 (B series) engraved on them.


    Casio 240CR, Casio CE-2300