Replacement for Casio DL-2795 Cash Drawer (QT-Version)

  • £86.95

Replacement cash drawer for Casio V-R7000, Casio QT-6000, Casio QT-6100, Casio QT-6000, Casio QT-2000, Casio QT-2100 only.

Please note this drawer would be too short and the wrong voltage for other Casio models.

  • Colour: Black
  • 4 note compartments
  • 8 coin compartments
  • Removable coin tray
  • Media slot for vouchers and slips
  • Cable included
  • Standard Casio insert trays (CTR-39 and CTR-50) will fit this cash drawer. However, the insert tray supplied with this cash drawer will not fit the original Casio cash drawers as it is marginally too large.

Dimensions:  410mm (W) x 415mm (D) x 110mm (H)