Ingenico PED Card Terminal Keypad & Screen Covers

  • £11.95

This keypad and screen cover for the Ingenico range of PED card terminals helps to protect your equipment from damage caused by spillages. They are manufactured by Wetcover from very flexible and durable silicone rubber which is adhesive backed and permanently antimicrobial.


Ingenico ICT200, Ingenico ICT220, Ingenico ICT250, Ingenico IPP310, Ingenico IPP320, Ingenico IPP350, Ingenico IWL200, Ingenico IWL220, Ingenico IWL250, Ingenico IWL252, Ingenico IWL255, Ingenico Desk1500, Ingenico Desk5000, Ingenico Lane3000, Ingenico Lane5000 (Keyboard Only),  Ingenico Move3500, Ingenico Move5000.

Please note: The image displayed may not show the exact model.  PED terminals not included!