An Italian Flavour

Carlo Italian Bistro-Deli restaurant front

If you're in the area of the village of Beacon Hill, not far from Haslemere in South-West Surrey, try Carlo Italian Bistro-Deli for a really special Italian meal.  They had a Sam4s Titan S360 installed in May to improve table management and the production of the restaurant's bills. Check out their website by clicking on their name or logo to view their tempting menus.

Sam4s Titan S360 Terminal supplied to Carlo Italian Bistro-DeliCarlo Italian Bistro-Deli logo
A few weeks after the installation, Carlo (the owner) supplied us with these comments "System is great, we are still playing to get confidence with system, we did find some discrepancies but Dave been very prompt on case.  Overall I’m glad I’ve choose premier cash register you guys gave me more confidence and support in all."


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