Samtouch Integrations

Samtouch EPOS systems integrate with many software solutions designed to help you increase sales, improve your market presence and enhance your customers' experience.  We have listed a few here.  Please contact us for further information.


NearSt logo

NearSt is a leading local marketing tool which increases sales by driving online shoppers in-store.  NearSt is trusted by thousands of retailers to expand their customer base and increase revenue by making products like Google Local Inventory Ads and Facebook Shops accessible with a simple EPOS integration.

NearSt example

You can show customers live availabilty with Google 'See What's In Store'.  NearSt can automatically show your products at the top of Google to shoppers searching for them nearby, and send them to your store.

In their first month of using NearSt, shops can see up to a 50% increase in their local organic visibility in Google and between 40 and 150+ extra in-store customers. NearSt also provides local insights into what customers in your area are searching for, so you can make better stock decisions.

You will require the Samtouch Office Stock module for this integration.

Find out more about NearSt by visiting their website here.


toggle logo

Toggle is a gifting & pre-paid experience platform. The integration with the Samtouch EPOS system means gift cards can be both sold and redeemed seamlessly in-venue and online.  Toggle supports digital gift cards, which can be saved to an apple wallet, and also branded physical customer cards.

Find out more about toggle by visiting their website here.


yoyoWallet logo

Yoyo provide software for customer loyalty and rewards.  In conjunction with yoyoWallet, Samtouch have developed an interface module between its front-end EPOS solution and yoyo.

Yoyo appears as a payment type on Samtouch and can be triggered manually or by scanning a payment/reward barcode from the customer's yoyoWallet on their mobile.  This then automatically adds any loyalty or discounts and delivers a digital receipt.

Find out more about yoyo by visiting their website here.


The Drink Echange logo

The Drink Exchange turns a bar into a stock market for a night with a selection of food and drinks prices changing every 5 minutes based upon what customers are buying – and ‘live’ trading prices displayed on TV’s.  Generally run as a weekly event or as a happy hour tool, it’s great interactive fun for customers whilst being a hugely effective sales driving tool (increasing sales on average by 40%).

The Drink Exchange exampleThe Drink Exchange can be linked to a bar’s Twitter feed…with ‘Insider Tips’ announced to all your followers minutes before ‘Market Crashes’ occur!

Find out more about The Drink Exchange by visiting their website here.


ResDiary logo 

ResDiary is a table reservation system which can be integrated and accessed from within the Samtouch EPOS solution.  Users can manage their bookings, walk-ins and other important table information seamlessly between the two systems.  Important customer information can be passed from ResDiary to Samtouch and Samtouch keeps ResDiary informed about table status and customer spend.

ResDiary’s simple grid and table plan views let you easily see all your bookings in one place.  Access your diary anytime, anywhere with the help of Rediary’s cloud-based system.

Find out more about ResDiary by visiting their website here.


Xero logo 

Xero accounting is one of the most popular small business accounting solutions, which is recognised by HMRC and major accountancy companies throughout the UK.  Samtouch’s simple integration stops the need for double entry of your sales to Xero Accounting.  Category sales are posted to your Xero nominals  along with receipts to allow you to reconcile to your bank.  As sales information is sent from your Samtouch Office account digitally, it reduces administration and minimises human error.

You will require the Samtouch Office Xero module for this integration.

Find out more about Xero by visiting their website here.


dojo logo

We supply integrated and stand-alone card terminals with emerchantpay. With debit/credit rates of less than 1% and a rolling 30 day contract, simply contact us us for a quotation with the latest rates.  Integration is free of charge.  You can find out more information here.

Alternatively, we also integrate with card terminals provided by dojo.  Our charge for the integration is normally £25 + vat.  However, you can find out more about dojo by visiting our page here and integration is free is you submit your details using our contact form.

If you have card terminals from a different provider that you would like to integrate to the Samtouch system, please contact us. If it is possible, we will quote a charge for carrying out the integration.