Why embracing technology can help your business flourish

by Casio UK

Technology continues to transform and innovate every aspect of our lives, from travelling across major cities to ordering a pizza. Big tech has been particularly influential across the hospitality industry, disrupting the experience for operators, employees and consumers in equal measure.

Smooth operations

We operate in a fast-paced, demanding industry and it can be challenging to keep up-to-date with what’s new. One of the purposes of integrating technology should be to increase efficiency and ensure day-to-day activities can be more easily managed.

Installing an EPOS system is a surefire way to increase the effectiveness of your workforce, enabling staff to work quickly and effectively. Casio’s EPOS systems are suitable for all hospitality operators – from pubs and bars, to restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

Customers want to stay connected

Due to advancements in Wi-Fi connectivity, consumers across multiple sectors expect to be able to remain connected on the move. For hospitality operators, offering free Wi-Fi is a means of increasing dwell time, attracting different demographics and increasing interaction with customers.

A recent GO Technology report published by Zonal and CGA, tracking hospitality habits from 5,000 British adults, identified that roughly 25% of 18-24 year-olds rely on their smartphone to locate restaurants, peruse the menu and pay their bill. Operators can tap into the smartphone-user demographic by offering innovative services like digital discounts and ordering services.

Cut costs, not profits

Investing in technology comes with an initial outlay, but the truth is you’re far more likely to save money in the long run. Opting for alternative resources, such as LED light bulbs, smart windows and energy smart appliances, will not only cut your energy bills but also benefit the planet. One of the best features of appliance technology is the ability to automate energy usage and the larger the building, the more significant the savings. Smart thermostats can sense how many people are in a room and increase or decrease the temperature accordingly.

What does the future have in store?

There are a large number of trends that operators have been tapping into to improve the customer experience. Popular apps like Untappd, MatchPint and Tipll are driving interaction between operators, brands and their target customers; while the wider introduction of ordering food and drink digitally continues to grow in popularity.

Augmented reality, and other variations such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, have been growing trends, with the aim of driving interaction with customers, such as Tipll’s bar-finder app and premium bar operator Alchemist’s augmented reality cocktail menu.

For more information about Casio’s EPOS systems, please see here.

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